Outlier is automated data insights for your entire business.
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Outlier is automated data insights for your entire business.
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Outlier is automated data insights for your entire business.
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Outlier is automated data insights for your entire business.
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Automatically convert data into insights

AI-powered analytics so you can make better, 
more informed decisions

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Outlier analyzes all of your data every day, no matter how many systems you connect—discovering unexpected trends, relationships, and events. Going well beyond the limited view of dashboards, Outlier automatically alerts you to unexpected changes in your business – from marketing campaign performance, customer behavior, and product sales, to supply chain operations. Make more informed data-driven decisions today.

Know the actions you need to take every day

To keep your business ahead of the market and competition, changes in your business need to be spotted fast. Designed for the business user, Outlier looks across all your company data, performs deep automatic analysis, and delivers easy-to-understand yet powerful stories daily. Only the most impactful stories are delivered to each user, curated for their interests.

Insights across data sets

Outlier models across all your data and finds relationships between data sets. Discover new relationships across thousands of dimensions such as revenue, customer interest, marketing campaign performance, product fulfillment, and more. Outlier finds correlations between formerly siloed data sets, giving you the full picture of your business.
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Fast set-up and deployment 

With a library of 20+ pre-built connectors Outlier deploys within days, not weeks or months. Your time to insights is fast—as soon as your data sources are connected Outlier gets to work analyzing and delivering insights. Outlier connects quickly to most common cloud and SQL data sources, including Adobe Analytics, Amazon Redshift, Databricks, Druid, Facebook, Google Ads, Google Analytics, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Snowflake, Tableau, Teradata, ThoughtSpot, Zendesk, and many others.
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Slipstreams into daily workflow

Designed around the way teams already work, analyze, and share their business data, Outlier streamlines analysis processes across the organization. Seamlessly connecting to your existing CRM systems, BI and other internal tools, and your raw data sources Outlier gives anyone on your team the power to go from automated AI-generated insights to deep data analysis with a single click. 
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Curated insights and data stories

Outlier turns insights into stories that are designed for the everyday business user. That means no complex graphs or technical jargon to wade through—just a simple, easy-to-understand daily briefing. Using advanced recommender systems and adaptive scoring, Outlier isolates the insights that have the largest impact on your business and curates them for your teams.
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Data-in-place analysis

Outlier performs data-in-place analysis. There’s no need to transfer data into a data lake or establish new data hygiene protocols to use Outlier. It lets you keep your data where it is, so your data storage remains compliant with regulations.
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Where Outlier helps you

For Marketing

Marketers have more data from more sources than ever before, but don’t have the time or dedicated resources to analyze it all. Regular and timely analysis of the performance of all their channels and programs can make all the difference. Outlier delivers concentrated analysis of all your marketing and sales data every day. Find the next great campaign, drive amazing customer experiences, and rapidly respond to changing trends in a way you never could before.

For Data Analysts

Data analysts spend a lot of time on repetitive, operational tasks. Outlier saves them from time-consuming data quality monitoring, data integration, and frequent dashboard updates. Automating these mundane items and automating insights across data silos and teams frees your analysts to focus on finding new ways to grow your business.

For Supply Chain Operations

Interruptions in availability, delivery, speed of processes, and increased costs all impact supply chain operations. Responding quickly to potential disruptions requires precise management and planning. Ensure your team is aware of emerging risks and opportunities for process improvement across your entire supply chain. Equip your operations team to better manage on-time fulfillment, margins, and profitability.

We’ve gotten massive value out of Outlier AI. It’s helped us to be more proactive and to be a state-of-the-art company.
Manager, Business Analytics, Kaleo

Outlier finds what’s hiding in your data, so you don’t have to

Powered by patented Artificial Intelligence and machine learning algorithms, Outlier does the hard work for you—finding new insights across all your data, every day. Unlike traditional business intelligence tools, Outlier doesn’t wait for you to tell it what to look for; it answers the important questions you didn’t know to ask. Help your team stay on top of breakthrough moments hidden in your data, as soon as they happen. Know what’s changed, why, and how to take action. Better understand your business, your customers, and the impact of your team’s efforts.


Quickly connect all your data sources and let our AI perform consolidated data analysis, automatic classifications, and semantic discovery to find unexpected developments across your business data.


Using advanced recommender systems and adaptive scoring, our algorithms isolate the stories that have the largest impact on your business. Stories are curated and selectively delivered to each team member.


Insight stories include collaboration tools so you can message team members, share important stories, and quickly take and track action.

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