No more data blindspots

Be informed of emerging problems and opportunities before they affect the bottom line

Drive more ROI

Outlier aggregates your datasources, in minutes, so you can quickly discover and act on opportunities

Ship with confidence

Release your winning a/b tests and new features with confidence you haven’t broken anything else

Eliminate data silos

Data is the lifeblood of your business. Connect your marketing, behavior and business metrics to create more productive collaborations across the organization.


O​utlier feeds us both actionable insights and predictive performance​so that we can make better business decisions. We’re finding that existing analytics solutions are stuck just reporting the news, while Outlier is constantly finding new stories and generating the news.​ Lastly, the unique insights that Outlier provides has even spread the beauty of metric ­based decision ­making to our less data focused teams.

Jared Yaman
COO, Boxed

The quality of Outlier insights allows Delphic Digital to maximize the impact of our client marketing budgets. While our existing tools let us set threshold based alerts, this approach drowns us in noise and does not scale across to the thousands of keywords and design decisions we manage for our clients daily.

Cristie Setzer
Media Supervisor, Delphic Digital