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Zero-effort Integrations

Every day, week or month it takes to get your  integration up and running is money. Consider the cost of your team’s time to get the integration  completed, but the licensing fee that you’re not fully utilizing.

Outlier provides something that is revolutionary in the world of enterprise data tools: a zero-effort or zero-touch integration. As a user of Outlier, you can connect Outlier to a data source in minutes by simply telling Outlier how to connect to your Cloud service, database or data lake. Without any additional effort you will begin to get insights from the data, empowering you to make better decisions.

“Our Luxury Marketplace generates a lot of data and Outlier helps us cut through the noise. With a simple set up and no training required, Outlier insights help The RealReal monitor all aspects of our customer journey.”
-Marc Viale, CMO for The RealReal


List of cloud-based integrations Outlier currently supports



Google Analytics Integration Step

The Zero-touch integration approach has many benefits


Business users no longer need to get help from IT to manage their data analysis, they can do it themselves in Outlier. The marketing team can integrate their own tools and immediately get their own insights on their own timeline without the need for coordination. This unlocks teams to move faster.

Zero Effort Experimentation

Since the effort involved in an integration is so low, you can connect Outlier to data sources that you’ve never analyzed before! Even if you’ve never found the time or people to investigate data such as customer support records, inventory records or other data, you can find if there is hidden value in there quickly by simply pointing Outlier at the data. This radically changes how you can use data analysis by making the cost of analyzing any given data set so low that you can experiment and explore new data.

Breaking Down Silos

Traditional systems require massive efforts to model and map data across data sources in order to get value. Since Outlier requires no effort, you can integrate data sources across multiple clouds, sources and locations to find insights across the entire business. Marketing teams can find insights in customer support data and the product team can find insights in financial performance data. By breaking down silos, the real business insights can be unlocked.

Outlier integrates with your existing workflow with ease.

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