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Are our marketing programs driving the most effective behavior?

What is the problem

Do you really know which campaign is driving the most traffic to your site? If you were given $10,000 would you know exactly which marketing lever to pull to make the most impact for your organization? You live in marketing data, which is often in multiple siloed data sets. It can be very difficult to identify which programs are outperforming your expectations or contributing to page views.

How do we solve it

Outlier ingests data from multiple marketing cloud services to share daily the insights that matter most so that you can make the best data driven decisions possible. With Outlier, marketing professionals are able to identify significant gains in their programs quickly and adjust course.

“I’ve heard other products claim to automatically detect insights, Outlier actually does it.” says Oleg Salnik, Principal Analyst of HotPads. “Not only are the insights actionable, but I find Outlier easier to use than Google Analytics, so now my workflow is to go to their website first.”

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