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Why Outlier?

Outlier helps you know the impossible

Outlier notifies you of important and unexpected happenings in your data.

Outlier is designed to collect and monitor your data in real-time, and notify you of important moments of unexpected or dramatic change.  Begin to understand what is truly impacting your business, and make strategic data-driven decisions today.

Receive an Outlier update each day, identifying 4-5 important and unexpected changes from your data you can take action on. Discover how Outlier is by your side to empower your  decisions every day.

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Outlier can help you answer important questions

Our value

Outlier empowers you to optimize marketing programs, track changes in buyer segments, find product development issues and identify large patterns of fraud.

Outlier automatically discovers unexpected changes in your sea of data.

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Outlier delivers fast time to value with effortless integrations.

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Outlier fits into your workflow to help you make stronger and more data-driven decisions.

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See why Outlier is a leader in
Automated Business Analysis

Outlier automatically reveals to you important things you didn’t know about your data.

Automated Business Analysis

Outlier integrates with your existing worflow with ease.

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