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Data Analysis during Coronavirus

The Problem

As we enter into this new normal as businesses, your data becomes even more important. Outlier can help you to automatically identify new risks, as well as opportunities, during the current Coronavirus pandemic.

Below are several resources we’ve compiled and prioritized for you including a Webinar, Blog Series, New Normal Study, and Case Studies,  that each emphasizes the immediate benefit that automated business analysis can provide your organization.  We hope that you’ll use these resources to help you immediately plan your own data analysis strategy in this new normal.

Can you analyze all that data to increase sales? Do you know what is changing in your business overnight?

“Thanks to Outlier, we’re asking better questions to get ahead of the changes COVID is causing in the market.”

Senior Business Director

How do we solve it

  • Uncover data insights that enable you to optimize the inventory and sales relationship
  • Gain competitive advantage through early detection of category, segment, customer and product trends
  • Maximize customer marketing investment with a robust understanding and actionable insights throughout the customer journey
  • Develop a complete understanding of business drivers by uncovering data relationships that are material to your results
The Sink or Swim Webinar: Can Better Data Analysis Help You Weather the Storm of This Pandemic?

Reading How Outlier Helps Bath and Beauty Retailer Understand & Adapt to Post Pandemic Customer Behavior

The New Normal Study

This free-of-charge review of your historical data will help your business recover faster.


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Data Driven Daily

The Data Driven Daily provides a single idea daily to help you make better decisions with data. This series focuses on crisis management. 

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The Coronavirus Tracker

Be notified of unexpected findings related to Coronavirus in a newsletter.

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