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Travel Website Identifies Spike in Site Traffic from Specific Domain

Paid digital advertising typically comprises a large portion of companies marketing budgets, and as competition for digital ad space increases, companies are spending more and more money to capture market share. In this competitive landscape, every digital advertising dollar spent matters and needs to be optimized to achieve the best results. Today’s story shows how an international travel website identified traffic from an unknown referring domain and saved paid advertising spend.

Travel Website Identifies Spike in Site Traffic from Specific Domain
Travel Website Identifies Spike in Site Traffic from Specific Domain

How A Spike in Unqualified Site Traffic Impacts Paid Ad Spend

When the spike in site traffic was first identified, the client investigated further and determined that the traffic was being served via a paid search partner and that the traffic was unqualified and erroneous due to the path the user took while on the site and how it performed (i.e. immediately bounced). By identifying a growing trend in site traffic from this specific, unqualified domain, the travel website’s team was able to exclude paid digital ads from being served to this domain. This action saved them valuable marketing dollars from being spent on ads that would ultimately not drive travel bookings for them.

While the travel website may have come across this insight during their site traffic reporting reviews, Outlier’s Automated Business Analysis platform alerted them as soon as traffic started to grow outside of the model. Due to the traffic being driven from this domain, this domain would have continued to be a target for paid digital ads and would have continued to spend precious marketing dollars without results. Outlier helped save valuable paid advertising budget that most likely would have continued to be spent until the traffic source was noticed and identified as unqualified.

This customer was pleased that Outlier immediately identified this spike in unqualified site traffic. You too can identify meaningful trends in your data with Outlier. Without Outlier, these kinds of insights would require hours, days, weeks or even months of analysis. Outlier empowers businesses to take a deeper look at their data and uncover unexpected trends that can lead to increases in revenue and more efficient paid advertising spend. Sign up for a custom demo to learn more about how one travel website customer used Outlier to identify a spike in site traffic from an unqualified domain.