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Retailer Tracks Product Interest

Understanding market trends and unexpected product interest is essential for retailer sales cycles. How does this retailer track product interest? Today’s story shows you how Jack Rogers, a designer footwear and accessories company, used our powerful automated business analysis platform to take a step in the right direction.

Jack Rogers knows its customers’ general preferences and demand for certain product categories but sometimes customer preference change. And, unexpected changes can be hard to track. Jack Rogers needed a solution that could automatically analyze website activity based on daily customer behavior. Plus, they advertise products with both Google and Facebook, so there is lots of data to analyze and understand. In just a few clicks, Jack Rogers integrated both data sources so that Outlier could automatically analyze and provide actionable wisdom on any unexpected changes that happened overnight.

Outlier detected an earlier-than-expected increase in interest in a specific footwear category. This news allowed Jack Rogers to take action in the moment, rather than rely on previous year’s selling trends.

Outlier product shot
Outlier identifies unexpected trends in footwear category interest. 

Understanding How the Retailer Tracks Product Interest

The above Outlier story showcases an unexpected increase in customer interest related to a footwear category. Due to the seasonal nature of Jack Rogers’ products, Outlier was able to track year-over-year patterns when demand increased.

Unexpectedly, demand for one set of product categories increased 65% in February over the previous model. This was much earlier than they had seen previously. Before Outlier, Jack Rogers would have eventually noticed this increased demand, but likely too late to capture the interest of customers. By using Outlier, Jack Rogers was able to react to the unexpected interest in the product category at the time it happened. Based on the Outlier story, Jack Rogers adjusted their email marketing campaign to focus on the demanded products, resulting in increased sales and revenue for the company.

You can identify meaningful trends in your data with Outlier. Without Outlier, these insights would require hours, days, weeks or months of analysis. Outlier empowers businesses to take a deeper look at their data and uncover unexpected trends that can lead to revenue increases. Sign up for a custom demo to here understand how retailers can track product interest stories.