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Retailer Leverages Outlier and Google Analytics in Two Clicks

Outlier easily integrates with Google Analytics

Outlier empowers retailers to find unexpected trends, hiding in their data, leading to increased revenue. However, unlike most enterprise data tools, Outlier’s zero-effort integrations eliminate the need for customers to endure weeks or months of slow, costly setup. As a result, the return on investment with Outlier is amazingly fast, almost immediate in some cases.  

Today’s story involves a major Retailer that leveraged Outlier’s Google Analytics integration to quickly ramp up the data-driven decision process. Because shelter-in-place orders closed a large percentage of their retail locations, almost overnight, e-commerce became the focus of the Retailer’s business. Fortunately, they were able to leverage Outlier and get the intelligence they needed almost immediately. 

Outlier’s Two-Click Google Analytics Integration Process

It’s fast to connect Outlier to your cloud-based services, including Google Analytics. 

Google’s online authentication system
Google’s online authentication system

Outlier leveraged Google’s online authentication system to allow the Marketing Director to grant Outlier permission to access their data. It took the Retailer a matter of seconds to set up their Outlier connection, at which point, Outlier immediately began assessing the Retailer’s Google Analytics data; discovering and highlighting the key, actionable stories.    

Thanks to Outlier’s user-friendly interface, customer-tested tools, and dedicated customer success team, the Retailer got up and running without needing to involve their IT department. Using Outlier, the Retailer was not only able to see which channels were driving the most traffic, but also the connection between inbound traffic and customer activities once they were on the Retailers site. As a result, the Retailer was able to quickly see which channel delivers the most ROI.

Outlier finds the unexpected in your data automatically and quickly. By sharing the insights that drive your business, Outlier saves you hours, days, or weeks of time. Outlier empowers businesses to take a deeper look at their data and uncover unexpected trends that can lead to revenue increases. Sign up for a custom demo to see how.