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Retailer Integrates Outlier to Identify Customer Support Trends

As a retailer’s business grows, the volume of customer support inquiries grows at the same rate or higher. Retail customers have high expectations for service and have come to expect responses to customer support inquiries to be answered quickly, often within a few hours. Today’s story shows how a retailer was able to track trends in their customer support tickets by integrating Outlier’s Automated Business Analysis platform with Zendesk, their customer support management tool. Awareness of real-time customer support trends allowed the retailer to quickly mitigate individual customer issues before they became large scale problems.

This retailer is a large marketplace re-seller based in the United States. As a reseller, the retailer has thousands of product SKUs. This enables the retailer to offer a wide selection to customers but also invites customer feedback which can be harrowing to handle if each response is handled as a standalone incident, which they most often are not. This week’s outlier reviews a retailer’s use case for integrating Outlier with Zendesk for a complete and in-depth view into customer support issues.

How Customer Support Ticket Trends Can Lead to Better Customer Support
How Customer Support Ticket Trends Can Lead to Better Customer Support

Outlier easily integrates with Zendesk

Prior to integrating their Zendesk account with Outlier, this retailer’s customer support team manually analyzed 300+ customer support tickets at the end of each week to identify patterns in the issues being reported. High volume issues were then assigned additional support by the Customer Service team. The manual review process took hours of time and often did not identify very specific customer issues. And high volume issues that occurred early in the week risked not being identified until the end of the week, when the issue may not be relevant anymore.

The retailer’s customer support managers adopted Outlier to identify customer support issue trends daily and throughout the week, accelerating their customer support team training, response times to customers, and updates to their website’s frequently asked questions section. The integration with Outlier has also helped the customer support team to have more in-depth reporting. They can now consider seasonal trends in customer issues to help plan their staffing and employee training for the customer support team. Through Outlier, this retailer knows which customer support issues are most pertinent to their customers at that moment in time so they can better support their customer support staff with the tools they need to succeed, which in turn benefits their customers.

Outlier is a trusted source of information to help accelerate the customer support team’s remediation of customer support issues and leads to faster response time for customers. You too can identify meaningful trends in your customer support data with Outlier. Without Outlier, these trends would require hours of analysis. Outlier empowers businesses to take a deeper look at their data and uncover unexpected trends that can help improve their customer support experience. Sign up for a custom demo to see how a retailer integrated with Outlier to analyze their customer support ticket data.