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Outlier Provides a Global Health Retailer The Insight Needed to Understand How The Coronavirus Pandemic Is Impacting Their Business

Today’s story involves a major health brand that leveraged Outlier to understand, as the Coronavirus pandemic began to appear on the horizon, how consumers would change their shopping behavior once the shutdowns and shelter-in-place orders arrived in full force. While the team expected Coronavirus to have a negative impact on the business, Outlier’s insights alerted the Brand’s team to the sheer magnitude of the impact of the pandemic on consumer behavior, giving the Brand a head start on dealing with the negative impacts and focus on the areas already impacted the most. 

Our Brand in today’s story was in such a place. By late February, it became clear to the team that Coronavirus would have a massive impact on their business when Outlier’s data showed that their popular member rewards were starting to show huge drops in redemptions caused by the closing of retail locations. Leveraging Outlier, the team was able to quickly quantify the scale of unexpected global disruption and be able to drill down into the major drivers automatically. This would not have been possible, especially so quickly, without Outlier, as other tools and dashboards would have required the teams to know what to look for, which is not possible for businesses to do now, in this unprecedented time.

How Does a Major Health Brand Generate The Data & Insight Needed for Post Coronavirus Decision Making?


Reading How Outlier Provides a Major Health Brand The Insight Needed to Understand How The Coronavirus Pandemic Will Affect Their Business
Reading How Outlier Provides a Major Health Brand The Insight Needed to Understand How The Coronavirus Pandemic Will Affect Their Business

The Coronavirus pandemic has fundamentally changed life in the U.S. Business. Household cleaning brands, like Clorox, might boom while public gyms, where people congregate or where maintaining six feet of distance is hard, have surely struggled. The impact on both was predictable. However for brands that don’t neatly fit into the category of pandemic winner or loser, their post-coronavirus future was extremely murky. Would the Coronavirus force consumers to delay their purchase of eye health products or partners to close their retail locations? What will recovery look like when retail stores start to re-open in different parts of the country? Will there be a long term shift to online sales and how long will the effect last? 

With the story or insight from Outlier, our automated business analysis platform was clearly communicating that retail locations were seeing a big drop in Rewards visitors. This Health brand was able to start direct-to-consumer outreach to remind them there are online ways to participate in the Rewards programs, not just in a brick-and-mortar store. 

The Marketing team for this Brand believes that this insight from Outlier and the team’s quick action softened what could have been a huge lack of engagement from their customers. The team also creatively came up with three more ideas to add to their Rewards program further fostering customer engagement during this Pandemic. Their efforts ensured their engagement metrics for Rewards customers only took a 10% decrease instead of a nosedive.   

 Outlier finds the unexpected in your data automatically and quickly. In this new normal, it is imperative that your resources be focused on the most optimal outcomes for your business. By sharing the insights that drive your business, Outlier saves you hours, days or weeks of time. Outlier empowers businesses to take a deeper look at their data and uncover unexpected trends that can lead to revenue increases. Sign up for a custom demo to see how.