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Outlier Discovers a Broken Relationship for Large Department Store

How many systems do you use to track marketing metrics? Four? Six? Or more than eight? It’s very difficult to analyze data across all of those disparate data sources. How many hours or data scientists does it take to analyze all of this data for you? Today’s story shows you how Outlier discovered a broken relationship between product and project interactions for a large department store.

A Fortune 500 national department store leverages Outlier to monitor impactful changes in their marketing data. The retailer tracks sales and marketing efforts across their many stores to identify any changes in customer behavior.

Outlier Discovers a Broken Relationship for a Fortune 500 Retailer
Outlier Discovers a Broken Relationship for a Fortune 500 Retailer

How Outlier Discovers a Broken Relationship

To perform meaningful analysis, previously the marketing analytics teams of a large national department store manually pulled data from across tables in their data warehouse to analyze website performance. Due to a large amount of data, the national chain decided to take a new approach and retained Outlier to track product and project interest on their website. The retailer tagged online product interactions in one system and page engagements in another.

Surprisingly to the marketing teams, Outlier found a broken relationship between product and page tracking. While the Outlier story shows that there was a stable relationship between different tracking systems leading in June, this relationship broke during the June and early July, triggering a series of insights.  An additional insight, shown above, was generated when the stability of these two metrics became aligned again.

The Retailer was impressed that Outlier discovers a broken relationship quickly. You can identify meaningful trends and data quality issues in your data with Outlier. Outlier empowers businesses to take a deeper look at their data and uncover unexpected trends that can lead to revenue increases. Sign up for a custom demo to hear how Outlier discovers a broken relationship.