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Outlier Helps National Medical Supply Retailer Prevent Fraud and Safeguard Reputation

For many retail companies monitoring and complying with “do not sell” (DNS) lists is a critical step in preventing fraud. For large national retailers with thousands of accounts, this can prove difficult. Today’s success story highlights how Outlier helped a national medical supply retailer discover that a channel partner was selling to an account on a fraud list of accounts to no longer sell to. With Outlier’s help, this client quickly stopped sales to the questionable account, reviewed their policy for compliance with DNS lists, and prevented potential fraud.

Reading Outlier Helps National Medical Supply Retailer Prevent Fraud and Safeguard Reputation
Reading Outlier Helps National Medical Supply Retailer Prevent Fraud and Safeguard Reputation

In short, this medical supply retailer had over 40,000 accounts to which they sold their products. Many of these accounts flag for potential fraud and place on “do not sell” lists due to a variety of suspicious activities such as unusual spikes in sales. With so many buyers to monitor, keeping track of which accounts were on the DNS-list proved to be quite a challenge. This client needed to quickly identify which accounts were clouded with risk to block potential fraud, maintain acceptable security, and safeguard their brand’s reputation.

How did Outlier’s Data Driven Insight prevent fraud & safeguard their reputation?

Luckily for this medical supply retailer, Outlier provided the data-driven insight needed to catch potential problems and avoid trouble. Through Outlier stories, the client was quickly able to identify an account on the DNS list that had seen an unusual spike in sales. The relieved and grateful client shared in their words, “While looking through stories, we came across this story, and our analyst was immediately able to pinpoint that this account is on our DNS list.”

Empowered with this information, the client wasted no time taking the appropriate action. After seeing Outlier’s story, the client’s team can immediately contact the district lead and the reseller to ensure they halted all sales to this account. Also, this discovery spurred the client to review their process for compliance with the company’s “do not sell” list. Thanks to Outlier, this client avoided the potential headache and embarrassment of continued sales to potentially fraudulent accounts while driving the necessary action to improve future compliance. With this story alone, the health retailer was able to save thousands of dollars in lost sales in just one day. 

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