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Outlier Helps e-Commerce Giant Pinpoint Critical Performance Issues on Specific Pages

Running a large e-Commerce business is a complicated proposition. Customers are directed to your digital properties through every imaginable inbound marketing channel (search, social, email, affiliate marketing), view thousands of constantly changing pages on devices of every size and platform. The result, e-Commerce businesses generate staggering amounts of data.

This data, if leveraged properly, can provide powerful insights into the effectiveness of your marketing programs, customer behavior, and technology competence. However, most e-Commerce marketers have so much data that they are unable to locate, analyze, and act on this data in a timely and meaningful way, leading them to make ill informed decisions or miss their decision window entirely. Today’s story involves an online retailer that leveraged Outlier to convert their seemingly overwhelming amount of data into observable problems and ultimately actionable opportunities!

How Does a Retailer Measure the Performance of Pages Tied to a Specific Campaign’s Landing Page?

Reading How Outlier Helps e-Commerce Giant Pinpoint Critical Performance Issues on Specific Pages
Reading How Outlier Helps e-Commerce Giant Pinpoint Critical Performance Issues on Specific Pages

This online retailer relied heavily on paid search to promote their marketing and seasonal campaigns. As a result for every campaign, an accompanying landing page had to be quickly built so they could measure the conversion of their search traffic and ROI of the campaign. However, the conversion rates of these campaigns varied so dramatically that it was impossible to differentiate a poor performing campaign versus a broken landing page, without devoting significant time to exporting and analyzing the landing page data

The retailer had 100s of campaigns to sift through. Some campaigns are as short as 2 days, some are as long as an entire season. They also had regional and holiday-based campaigns as well. Leveraging Outlier, the retailer now can distinguish between poor campaign performance and broken technology, (i.e. Bounce Rate) which allows them to ID high performing campaigns and tech issues in real time. They were able to find which of these 100s of campaigns were showing a lower than normal bounce rate and focus to improve that metric. 

The result was more efficiently run campaigns, a lower bounce rate, and time better spent. In this story, the e-Commerce marketing team was able to spend more time lowering specific bounce rates and less time determining which page had the low bounce rate. This retailer was able to see a 10% sales increase with this effort.   

Outlier saves you hours, days, and weeks. It finds the unexpected changes in your data and delivers that to you automatically and daily. Outlier empowers businesses to take a deeper look at their data and uncover unexpected trends that can lead to lowering bounce rates. Sign up for a custom demo to see how.