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Outlier Helps Cruise Line Weather Once In A Lifetime Waves

Across the globe, both personal and business lives have come to a complete halt. The Coronavirus has fundamentally changed life as we know it and companies are trying to figure out how to manage in this new landscape.  Our lives are disrupted and we are living in a moment of such deep and unyielding uncertainty that making even the most mundane decisions now seem incredibly complex. Have we entered a new ‘normal’ and if so how long must we wait? Uncertainty reigns, and there is no end in sight! Businesses need to immediately determine what is working and how to leverage those strategies through this turbulent time.  

While health and safety is everyone’s primary concern, the pandemic has created tremendous tumult for business as well. If smart business or data driven business is about having actionable and timely data, the current business environment is the most challenging of our generation and it is hard to imagine any industry more affected by Covid-19 than Cruise Lines. The temporary halting of trips, worldwide, not only means a loss of revenue, but also that the typical sources of demand, both in terms of products are nothing like the typical patterns.

How Does a Cruise Line Quickly Identify & Implement a Post Pandemic Marketing Strategy?

Reading How Outlier Helps Cruise Line Weather Once In A Lifetime Waves
Reading How Outlier Helps Cruise Line Weather Once In A Lifetime Waves

Today’s story involves a Cruise Line that leveraged Outlier to quickly discover post-covid sales ‘hot spots.’ As the pandemic gripped the globe, sales viability fluctuated greatly by geography.  Indicators varied so greatly from the typical that the raw dates provided no real insights. Fortunately for this Company, Outlier was able to identify an unusual pattern; demand from customers in Australia and Mexico, allowing the line to double down their marketing investment in those regions, delivering incremental returns in this tough time. 

Outlier finds the unexpected in your data automatically and quickly. In this new normal, it is imperative that your resources be focused on the most optimal outcomes for your business. By only sharing the insights that drive your business, Outlier saves you hours, days or weeks of time. Outlier empowers businesses to take a deeper look at their data and uncover unexpected trends that can lead to revenue increases. Sign up for a custom demo to see how.