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Outlier Helps American Sportwear Company Significantly Increase Time Management

With tens of thousands of different SKUs, one American Multinational Corporation is responsible for reporting everything from movement in their supply chain to sales on the showroom floor or online. The Retailer also delivers experiences and services for athletes at such a grand scale, that combining the data to report up is overwhelming for any one person or team.

Running to Outlier, the Retailer had a large problem to solve. Analytics requests were taking at least eight hours each month to produce due to the analyst having to comb through data from disparate sources to find the “what,” then needing to spend additional time pulling out the “why.” This reduced employee effectiveness and productivity. The entire process slowed the rate of which leaders could receive useful insights to be able to make real-time business decisions.

Outlier Helps American Sportswear Company Significantly Increase Analytics Team Efficiency
Reading How Outlier Helps American Sportswear Company Significantly Increase Analytics Team Efficiency

How Outlier Helps American Sportswear Company Significantly Increase Analytics Team Efficiency

Using the Explore feature in Outlier’s automated business analysis platform, the Retailer’s global analytics team was able to easily pull the data needed in minutes and spend their time focused on applying their expertise and developing strategic recommendations. What would have taken one whole business day for an analyst to complete, they were able to do in just 45 minutes. Instead of wasting 96 hours a year pulling relevant data for ad hoc requests, Outlier provided the customer with a way to work smarter – not harder – to get more done in less time, even when time was tight and pressures were high. Outlier saved this analytics team 94% hours on this one monthly task. 

Overnight, with great fidelity, the Outlier Explore feature provided search capabilities to immediately view a specific range of dates over a different time horizon (daily, weekly, or monthly). The customer then could easily compare the same period across different segments of their business by saving the view throughout the session. 

Explore also maintains the time horizon and date range of data as the customer navigated throughout different segments of their data. Additionally, the Retailer was able to increase the historic date range of data supported in the Explore window to include the full history of the data. These changes made it easier for the customer to compare and understand important differences across their business while generating a report with data and key takeaways that is easily digestible across the organization.

Outlier not only saved the Retailer valuable time but provided actionable insights to the business in real-time. As their business is changing day by day, speed from insight to action and results are not just time saved, but also mean revenue and customer acquisition are optimized faster than their competition. Today, the customer uses Outlier to generate all of their reports which is much faster and easier than competing solutions.