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Outlier Finds Impact of Look-alike Advertising

You know how well your ad campaigns are performing on a daily basis right? Maybe you look in Google Analytics, Facebook Ads or you ask for a report from someone. How would you know how well a look-alike ad campaign was running in comparison to other ad campaigns? Or how long would it take you to answer that question? Today’s story shows you how Outlier finds impact of look-alike advertising.

As previously discussed, we drink our own champagne at Outlier and track several marketing metrics using the Outlier product. We are a small team and need to know when ad spend, targeting or ad impact changes quickly. We are nimble and react quickly to insightful data. Here’s a recent Outlier story that helped validate an advertising strategy decision.

Impact of look-alike advertising
Impact of look-alike advertising

How Outlier Finds Impact of Look-alike Advertising

Based on the Outlier story, Page Views and Sessions were highly correlated for months across the User List and Display Remarketing ad groups. Outlier automatically groups these stories together because these two ad groups behaved so similarly. Starting on February 27th, Outlier found a change between the User List and Display Remarketing ad groups. We weren’t aware before this Outlier story these two ad groups were behaving so similarly.

It was unexpected for Outlier to pick up on was the change in the previous relationship for these two ad groups — User List and Digital Remarketing. Around this time, we added a look-alike campaign to the User List ad group. After the addition of the look-alike campaign, the number of Page Views and Sessions increased significantly and impacted over 27% of users in the User List ad group.

On the same day, the Page Views and Sessions decreased for the Digital Remarketing ad group, impacting 6.9% of users. In a nutshell, the look-alike ad campaign performed better than we’d expected and Outlier found this automatically. Google Analytics isn’t able to chart these relationships. Now we can see the impact of adding the look-alike campaign and chart the performance of both efforts.  

Without Outlier, this impact would have taken us hours to identify and might have gone unnoticed because we didn’t expect there to be a significant change. One unique thing about Automated Business Analysis is marketers can use it to automatically track their programs.

Outlier empowers businesses to take a deeper look at their data and uncover unexpected trends that can lead to revenue increases. Sign up for a custom demo to hear how Outlier finds impact of targeted advertising.