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Outlier Discovers a Decrease in Ad Serving Funnel Efficiency

Ad monetization is a key way for in-app developers to earn revenue. They often rely on ad networks to connect their in-app supply to advertiser demand to monetize their properties with various types of ads like video, display, and native. If there’s an ad serving efficiency issue, developers and ad networks are potentially leaving revenue on the table. Today’s story shows how Outlier discovered a drop in ad serving funnel efficiency for digital advertisements on a top-performing ad network for gaming app developers. 

This mobile ad network leverages Outlier to monitor unexpected changes in their in-app supply activity and performance. Outlier tracks metrics like ad requests, ad starts, and ad revenue for the ad network’s developers and countless apps. In addition to these main metrics that impact the supply of the ad network, Outlier tracks the efficiency of the ad serving funnel.

Outlier Detected a Funnel Efficiency Issue
Outlier Detected a Funnel Efficiency Issue

How Outlier Detected a Funnel Efficiency Issue

Recently, Outlier alerted the mobile ad network to a drop in efficiency for a certain app developer. The app developer experienced an increase in ad requests while the ad starts remained the same. The developer was requesting more video ads because it had more ad opportunities, but the ad network wasn’t fulfilling those requests and generating ad starts. As a result of the ad starts not increasing at the same rate as the ad requests, the fill rate went down, highlighting a major issue of low advertising demand. The funnel story revealed how opportunities for revenue were being missed because ad network demand was not able to fulfill supply requests. 

The ad network was impressed that Outlier identified this conversion funnel inefficiency for one specific app developer and enabled them to immediately troubleshoot and resolve the low demand. Without this Outlier story to point out the lack of funnel efficiency, it would have taken the ad network another few days to identify the issue and this ad network would have seen an even greater negative impact to revenue. You, too, can identify meaningful trends and conversion funnel issues in your data with Outlier. Outlier empowers businesses to take a deeper look at their data and uncover unexpected trends that can lead to revenue increases. Sign up for a custom demo to hear how Outlier detected a conversion a lack of funnel efficiency.