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Outlier Analyzes Raw Maritime Vessel Traffic Data

Are you suffering from too much raw data? An inconsumable amount of data is not just unwieldy, but can also put your operations at risk. What do you know about Maritime data? A lot? Or like me, very little, before I wrote this blog. Today’s story shows how Outlier analyzes raw maritime vessel traffic data.

The Automated Identification System (AIS) is an automatic tracking system that uses transponders on ships to allow the tracking of vessel traffic in U.S. territorial waters. Ships are required to report their location coordinates, cargo type, vessel type, current activity and over two dozen other pieces of information on a regular schedule for tracking. They also report the water depth or draft, which can be used to determine a boat’s ability to travel safely without running aground. All of this reporting results in a massive set of raw data about each ship, it’s position at consistent intervals and all of the context about what it was doing at that time.

An Outlier customer wanted to identify unusual and abnormal behavior among ships, their cargo and their journeys using this data. Such patterns can indicate important economic events including shifts in the volume of goods and possible illicit activity. 

Outlier’s Automated Business Analysis platform was deployed to analyze this massive amount of raw maritime vessel traffic data.

Outlier Processes Raw Data
Outlier Processes Raw Data

How Outlier Analyzes Raw Maritime Vessel Traffic Data

From the story above, Outlier found an increase of 8% more draft, which was 41% higher than the expected model. This means the water depth in this particular area had increased and was now being reported by vessel type 1004 with the cargo type of 71. For instance, this level of draft was communicated by a cargo ship (vessel type) with produce (cargo type) or a sailboat (vessel type) with treasure (cargo type).

With this Outlier story, the analyst was able to quickly identify that this maritime zone was increasing in water depth, making it safer for maritime travel. This story saved the client time since they didn’t have to prep the data for analysis and the analysis time as well.  

You can identify meaningful trends in your raw data with Outlier, an automated business analysis platform. Outlier empowers businesses to take a deeper look at their data and uncover unexpected trends. To see how Outlier analyzes raw maritime vessel traffic data, sign up for a custom demo.