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Optimize Your Sales Playbook with Data

When we think of data driven business, it’s typically technology-centric business processes that come to mind, i.e. digital advertising, A/B testing, etc. But, data driven insights can be used to improve the performance of ‘traditional’ business roles and processes. What about your human sellers? If you were able to communicate daily changes in their territories, would they be able to react and pursue their territories differently? 

For example, the classic sales drivers (hustle, relationships and people skills) are soft skills, but data, particularly the right data, can be just as impactful. Today’s story involves a Pharmaceutical Company that leveraged Outlier data to optimize its sales playbook with daily insights.

How does a Pharmaceutical Company use data to improve their Direct Sales?

Selling to Physicians requires deft execution. Not only are Physicians extremely busy, but they also have a series of gatekeepers. As a result, sellers need to be strategic in cultivating relationships to earn the right to pitch and a bulletproof approach that takes into consideration who their patients are, what they need, and how Doctors make prescription recommendations. 

In this environment organizations that can quickly identify and test the best sales practices have a tremendous advantage. However, collecting and organizing the required data, without redirecting top performers’ time away from selling is an equally daunting challenge.

Reading How to Optimize Your Sales Playbook with Data
Reading How to Optimize Your Sales Playbook with Data

Leveraging this Outlier Story, this client was able to stack-rank territory sales results and identify the best practices of their most successful sales reps. Understanding drastic changes in territory stack-rank is crucial to knowing what’s going on in your market. Identifying threats to address, or opportunities that you can seize, and replicate. Additionally, this Rank Story shows the impact of recent regional training that occurred. This story helped the sales operations team understand where the recent sales training worked and where they needed to re-invest effort, saving them time to focus on building the pipeline. 

Without Outlier, these kinds of insights could require hours, days, or weeks of analysis. Outlier empowers businesses to take a deeper look at their data and uncover unexpected trends that can lead to revenue increases. Sign up for a custom demo to see how.