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Medical Office Discovers Unexpected Marketing Campaign Spend

While it’s easier to spend too little on marketing, it is also possible to accidentally spend too much. What little budget you may have had could be lost if spent on the wrong kind of marketing. Most marketers don’t know what they don’t know until it’s too late. Today’s story shows how a medical office automatically and quickly discovered a sudden rise in CPC (cost per customer).

This week’s story was identified for a regional surgery office that has performed over 30,000 successful procedures and over 3,000 medical procedures completed per year, for more than 15 years.

Medical Office Discovered an Unexpected Marketing Spend
Medical Office Discovered an Unexpected Marketing Spend

Reading How a Medical Office Discovered an Unexpected Marketing Spend

Over a two week span in May, Outlier’s daily updates notified the customer that a top-level metric, CPC, was trending up for several days after trending down for multiple months. The customer was spending more money per click and hoped that would generate more conversions and therefore, more pre-operation appointments. Using Outlier’s Root Cause Analysis feature, this medical office quickly identified a downward trend as it related to the marketing spend which revealed a reversal after several months. The customer was immediately able to take action and adjust their marketing efforts based on the details and information supplied by Outlier’s Automated Business Analysis platform.

This customer was pleased that Outlier identified the rising costs and took immediate action to remediate. This medical office could have found this insight with Google Analytics or Google Ads, but it would have been in their weekly, which would have been too late to take action on. You too can identify meaningful trends in your data with Outlier. Without Outlier, these kinds of insights would require hours, days, weeks or months of analysis. Outlier empowers businesses to take a deeper look at their data and uncover unexpected trends that can show why marketing campaign costs increase out of sync with marketing expectations. Sign up for a custom demo to see how a medical office identified a sudden increase in CPC spend.