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Media Company Finds and Resolves Tagging Issues with Outlier

How many content tags do you add? 100s or 1000s? Are all of the web pages tagged properly across your small or large sites? Likely not, right? Thinking that an asset is performing well or poorly based on an incorrect tag is painful. Today’s story shows you how a Media Company finds and resolves tagging issues with Outlier.

 India’s largest Media Company owns, operates and invests in various Internet-led products, services, and technology including over 30 digital products across news, sports, music, video, trivia, spirituality, and a suite of transaction-led market-places across real estate, personal finance, education, jobs, and table reservations, etc.

How did the Media Company identify the tagging issues?

This Media Company uses Outlier to measure and monitor their own marketing efforts, identify challenges with content tagging and find data quality issues too. Recently, Outlier identified an increase in page views on their  site, which was 404% over model and impacted a tiny percentage of users at 1%.

Times Internet Finds and Resolves Tagging Issues with Outlier
Media Company Finds Tagging Issues with Outlier

Reading How Media Company Finds and Resolves Tagging Issues

The media company, Times Internet, publishes news stories and photos with increasing frequency. It’s important that any possible tagging issue is found quickly and re-tagged appropriately. Even though this Media Company uses Google Analytics (GA) to help with tagging, this tiny amount of page views would have gone unnoticed with GA. So, what was the cause of this large page view increase?

Times Internet Finds and Resolves Tagging Issues with Outlier's Root Cause Analysis
Media Company Finds Tagging Issues with Outlier’s Root Cause Analysis

Outlier’s Root Cause Analysis feature automatically revealed both Indian States and the US-based state of Pennsylvania as a the main drivers. The usual suspects were the Indian States which drove page views. The addition of Pennsylvania was interesting in two respects. One is that they typically don’t see page views from the US or Pennsylvania. And, two, the Outlier insight raised the question, “Why Pennsylvania?”

The Media Company’s web team realized there might be a tagging issue and dug into determine why Penn State was spiking. The culprit was a tagging issue, which the web analytics team was able to correct immediately. In the Times Internet Outlier stories the following day, the internal team saw the tagging was corrected and back to “normal.”

After Times Internet Resolved the Tagging Issue
After the Media Company Resolved the Tagging Issue

Outlier saved the Media Company’s web team hours in sifting through GA and also helped the locate the exact cause of the tagging issue. You can identify meaningful trends in your data with Outlier. Without Outlier, these kinds of insights would require hours, days, weeks, or months of analysis. Outlier empowers businesses to take a deeper look at their data and uncover unexpected trends that can lead to revenue increases. Sign up for a custom demo to hear how this Media Company and other customers find and resolve tagging issues.