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Luxury Jewelry Retailer Can Improve Mobile Site Experience with Data-Driven Design

We’ve all been there – shopping on an e-commerce mobile website and having trouble finding the search button. But, what would happen if the search box was only visible in mobile after a customer clicked on the search icon? Fewer people would be searching because it would take an extra step for them to perform the search. This luxury jewelry retailer improved mobile site experience with data by tracking engagement with Outlier.

With over 30,000 employees worldwide, this brand name powerhouse operates online and offers high quality jewelry products in stores. With mobile becoming a common platform for customers on-the-go, its product and design teams are constantly looking for ways to optimize mobile experiences for customers. As an established brand with hundreds of products available, it’s likely for customers to search their mobile site with items in mind to purchase. How can the Luxury Jeweler then help a customer quickly find what they’re looking for? They used Outlier’s Automated Business Analysis platform to understand needed changes in site design.

Improve Mobile Site Experience with Data-Driven Design

How a Luxury Jewelry Retailer Improved it’s Mobile Site Experience with Data

On March 13, the Jeweler received their Outlier update, which showed that the number of search events decreased, particularly for the mobile platform. This story is important for two reasons. One, the retailer didn’t want additional steps or clicks to be required for a customer to search for any product. That would not be an ideal customer experience. And, two, the Outlier story highlighted to the Jeweler the impact of this change, which could have been missed without Outlier tracking the four different web size options the Jeweler was testing.

Using Outlier’s Automated Business Analysis platform, product managers and designers not only identified the impact of design changes on the website quickly, but also remediated this impact given that outcome wasn’t desirable. Since Outlier was able to show this impact over a year, the product and design teams had high confidence that a change was needed on the search bar of the mobile site.

You can identify meaningful changes in your data with Outlier. Without Outlier, these kinds of insights would require hours, days, weeks or months of analysis. Outlier empowers businesses to take a deeper look at their data and uncover unexpected trends that can lead digital designers to focus on customers when building online experiences. Sign up for a custom demo to see how a jewelry retailer can improve  mobile site experience with data-driven design.