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Leveraging Data Analytics to Uncover Hidden Bugs

Are you constantly making customer-facing improvements to your website, apps and consumer engagement channels? Then you know a bug has the potential to throw everything off course. Today’s story shows you how data analysis for online marketplace helped to quickly uncover a bug in its email engagement platform.

Integrating Outlier with its Google Analytics website, its iOS and Android app data, and its SendGrid email data, the team was notified daily when something important happened with their data. One day, while traveling into work, the email engineering manager responsible for the channel received an Outlier story that caught his attention. The story uncovers a day-over-day decrease in email being sent which was significantly lower than the expected model Outlier had been tracking.

Outlier identified an email engagement bug

The team discovered a recent code change introduced a bug that diminished the overall volume of emails and failed to trigger any other alerts. They addressed the email engagement issue that day. It’s important to note that other monitoring and reporting tools did not find this issue as expected. Without Outlier, it might have taken a few days or a week to uncover and fix the bug, creating major issues for the business.

Outlier product shot

Data Analysis for Online Marketplace: Outlier uncovers hidden bugs quickly.

Reading the Data Analysis for Online Marketplace Story

The above Outlier story showcases a direct impact on email being sent as a result of the bug. You can see Outlier automatically tracked emails sent prior to the code change on May 16, creating a day-over-day decrease of 45%, which is 36% lower than the expected model. On May 17, the system was restored creating a new trend that mapped back to the expected email sent model.

You can identify meaningful trends in your data with Outlier, an automated business analysis platform. Outlier empowers businesses to take a deeper look at their data and uncover unexpected trends that can lead to revenue increases. Need automated data analysis for online marketplace? Sign up for a custom demo.