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How Data Analysis for Retail Discovers the Impact of Store Design

Looking to optimize your in-store product placement to increase revenue streams? Today’s story shows you how our powerful automated business analysis platform not only provides you wisdom to make important business decisions, but also simplifies data analysis.

Recently, a quick service restaurant closed one of its stores to conduct a refurbishing, including re-arranging the store layout. This included moving the bottled drinks fridge from the start of the check out line to a spot next to the fountain drinks after checkout.

After the reopening, Outlier detected fountain soda sales doubled as customers moved away from the bottled drinks. This is an important insight since fountain drinks are more profitable than bottled drinks, and something that would not have been found if Outlier did not bring it to their attention.

As this is a desirable outcome, the owner is considering incorporating this new layout into future store designs.


Outlier identified a significant trend in the sale of fountain drink sales, which increased due to a recent retail store redesign.

Reading the Data Analysis for Retail Story

The above Outlier story showcases a direct impact on how the relocation of the fountain sodas increased sales. You can see Outlier automatically tracked fountain sales prior to the store closing on July 23rd, after which fountain sales went to zero during the closing. A new trend started on August 9, when the store reopened, where the average increased 28% over the expected model for the past three weeks. You can see the new trend is clearly higher than the old trend, before the closing, which is the increase from the new layout.

You can identify meaningful trends in your data with Outlier. Without Outlier, these kinds of insights would require hours, days, weeks or months of analysis. Outlier empowers businesses to take a deeper look at their data and uncover unexpected trends that can lead to revenue increases. Need automated data analysis for retail?

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