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Fortune 500 Consumer Brand Finds Bot Traffic

Marketers aren’t a big fan of bots. They slow down web or application performance, can negatively impact brand reputation, and ultimately skew your analytics making data decisions particularly difficult. Identifying bot traffic early on is extremely important for businesses. Today’s story shows how a leading consumer brand finds bot traffic with Outlier’s Automated Business Analysis platform.

A Fortune 500 Consumer Brand is using Outlier to track activity within their consumer-facing applications. Recently, the Marketing team saw an increasing trend that had been occurring for three weeks. Previously, this metric had been stable for months, so this significant increase wasn’t normal. Single Visit User Count is a metric they compare to the number of New Users to determine if there might be any bot traffic. The Outlier story below shows Single Visit User Count increasing drastically for the last three weeks in the Greater China (GC) region.

Outlier Finds Bot Traffic
Outlier Finds Bot Traffic


How Outlier Helps Companies Find Bot Traffic

Immediately, the marketing team examined the New Users metric for the same time period using the Explore feature in Outlier. Outlier showed the amount of New Users didn’t match the amount of application downloads. This difference demonstrated to the Consumer Brand that the traffic was indicative of bot traffic accessing their application.

Outlier’s Root Cause Analysis feature identified traffic from new users in China as one of potential causes. Without Outlier, it would have taken the brand at least two weeks to determine the application traffic was due to bots, diminishing their chances to act on this information quickly by blocking the traffic and ensure no malicious behavior in their application.

Outlier empowers businesses to take a deeper look at their data and uncover unexpected trends that can lead to revenue increases. Sign up for a custom demo to hear more about how companies find bot traffic with Outlier.