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Celebrity Cruises Discovers an Increase in Bookings

Is radio, print or digital advertising the best for your business? How can you determine how well your advertising programs are doing? Which type of ad works best when attempting to gain more bookings? Today’s story shows you how Outlier discovered an increase in bookings from radio advertising efforts.

An award-winning luxury cruise line, Celebrity Cruises, leverages the Outlier product to discover unexpected changes in their marketing and bookings data. Last week Outlier discovered a higher than normal bookings rate for one of their cruise line products. This type of story from Outlier is always welcomed news for Celebrity.

Celebrity Cruises has an Increase in Bookings
Celebrity Cruises has an Increase in Bookings

What caused the increase in Bookings?

Celebrity Cruises has several types of ads running at one time to advertise for travel destinations, including social ads, print, digital, and radio. Tracking the success of each ad type across each buyer segment creates hundreds of thousands of computations to calculate. The Business Intelligence (BI) and Marketing teams at Celebrity rely on Outlier’s Automated Business Analysis platform to crunch these numbers for them.

In early November, the marketing team launched a radio advertising program to Floridians for their Caribbean cruise destinations. These radio ads contributed to a 4% increase in bookings above the expected rate across 7% of unique visitors to Celebrity Cruises’ website.

Within Outlier, Celebrity tracks their Adobe Analytics data and an SQL database, which contains bookings data. Through Outlier, Celebrity can see the impact of a radio advertising campaign directly as it relates to bookings. Without Outlier, Celebrity Cruises’ BI team would have to spend hours correlating the advertising campaigns with bookings data to find out it was the Floridian-targeted radio ads that were performing best. Outlier’s Automated Business Analysis platform saves the cruise line these hours, so that their marketing and BI teams can focus on more strategic projects.

You can identify meaningful trends in your data with Outlier. Outlier empowers businesses to take a deeper look at their data and uncover unexpected trends that can lead to revenue increases. Sign up for a custom demo to hear how Outlier discovers an increase in bookings for Celebrity Cruises.