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Ad Tech Platform Manages In-App Monetization

Digital advertising pertains to any kind of advertising that is online. Many ad tech platforms are available for mobile app developers to build apps, create ads and for in-app monetization. Additionally, each platform can support different kinds of digital media and offer various placement options to catch the eye of potential customers. The amount of ways an app developer can promote and monetize their property is tremendous. 

Automated Business Analysis can provide in-app monetization insights

Today’s story shows how an ad tech platform manages in-app monetization with Outlier’s Automated Business Analysis platform. The platform, serving as a massive marketplace and connecting the supply of thousands of app developers with the demand of thousands of advertisers, needs to actively monitor the movements and developments of all game developers. Most recently, the platform witnessed three weeks of increasing installs for a particular app.

Reading How Ad Tech Platform Manages Game Developers
Reading How Ad Tech Platform Manages Game Developers

Outlier’s Root Cause Analysis feature showed which developer was experiencing this increasing trend and prompted “Pub Ops” member to reach out to this developer to see what changes were made on their end that would cause more game installs to happen. Increasing installs are always a positive trend so this would be useful information gathering for not only this specific developer and learning ways to boost users and audience size but also for sharing and applying to other developers. When installs increase, users increase, ad opportunities increase, and therefore, potential revenue increases. 

Outlier empowers businesses to take a deeper look at their data and uncover unexpected trends that can lead to unintentional increases. Sign up for a custom demo to hear more about how Outlier helps companies manage game installs.