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On-Demand Webinar: Uncover Hidden Customer Insights with AI-Driven Analytics

Dr. Kjell Carlsson, Analyst at Forrester

Kjell Carlsson, PhD

Principal Analyst, Forrester

Mike Stone

Chief Marketing Officer, Outlier AI

Join guest Forrester Principal Analyst, Dr. Kjell Carlsson and Outlier AI Chief Marketing Officer, Mike Stone for this webinar on the AI-driven technologies that deliver automated business insight as well as best practices on how to leverage them using company examples ranging from marketing to supply chain optimization.

Your business environment is changing like never before Рand that change is set to accelerate post-COVID. To  thrive you need to understand quickly how your markets and customer behavior are changing, and how best to respond. This webinar will discuss:

  • Challenges tracking sheer volume of data now available.
  • Why traditional BI tools and analytics teams can’t keep up.
  • How AI tech and automated business analysis uncover actionable insights.
Register now to learn how these new tools can increase your ability to adapt to and take advantage of everything from swings in customer behavior to supply chain disruptions.


Watch the On-Demand Webinar