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Recently, SMS Research polled over 180 respondents from national Retail/eCommerce and Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) brands regarding customer behavior data in the 2020 Retail & CPG Customer Behavior Survey. There are dozens of findings to this survey and we’ve highlighted the top ones here.


Why are only 21% of Consumer Companies Analyzing Customer Behavior Data?

Webinar: Customer Behavior Data

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Retail Infographic: Are you leveraging all the customer behavior data you can? 

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CPG Infographic: Apply your customer behavior data to maximize results

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eBook: Customer Behavior Data: Opportunities, Challenges  &  The Reality

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Blog: Can’t find the most meaningful insights in your customer behavior data?

The vast majority of companies want a lot more customer behavior data now and in the future. This is not surprising. Nearly 90% of Retailer and CPG companies think that the next big thing for their industries is customer behavior analytics.

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