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Relationship Story

Ever wondered what data metric could be driving or in alignment with another data metric? How would you get that insight when your data is scattered across 8+ silos? It’s important to understand these data relationships to showcase the hidden dynamics of your business. For instance, Outlier tracks when new data relationships are formed, broken, and as they resume.

Here are a few examples of how functional teams use Relationship stories:

  • Marketing teams understand how product inventory and online checkouts are related, or not.
  • Operation teams watch supply chain dynamics to ensure they have a short window to meet delivery SLAs. 
  • Customer Success teams identify relationships between service tickets and customer segments. 

A Web Analytics team that is concerned about the relationship between new users, exits, and season views, as shown in this story.

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Outlier Discovers that a Broken Relationship has Resumed.
Outlier Discovers a Broken Relationship for a Fortune 500 Retailer
Outlier Discovers a Broken Relationship for a Fortune 500 Retailer.

Why Relationship Stories Matter?

Relationship stories show you the relationships that exist and cease to exist within your business. Understanding and knowing these relationships help you drive your business forward quickly and correct misalignment. 

Rather than spend years gathering all your data into a data lake or years analyzing all the data individually, Outlier analyzes multiple data sets daily to identify these relationships. Our zero-effort integration approach allows you to quickly set up the integration you want to be analyzed so that Outlier can start finding these relationships overnight.

A Marketing team that needs to correct an error with web page tracking, as shown in this story.

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 Outlier’s Automated Business Analysis platform helps you to quickly identify unexpected relationship changes in your data.

Outlier’s semantic-free approach means that a diverse set of important insights are delivered to your inbox each morning.

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