Outlier is automated data insights for your entire business.
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Outlier is automated data insights for your entire business.
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Outlier is automated data insights for your entire business.
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Outlier is automated data insights for your entire business.
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Your data tells a story  —  Outlier finds it for you automatically

Outlier delivers critical business insights automatically — no queries required. The platform swiftly analyzes enterprise data and builds insights by looking for emerging patterns and noteworthy insights. Outlier guides you to the most relevant data and allows you to drill deeper for more information.

Your data.
Your analysis stories.
Delivered daily.

Designed to be easily understood and shareable, Outlier delivers the most relevant insights daily using natural language text and charts that highlight not only unexpected insights, but also the key drivers behind them. These insights, or stories, include context for further data analysis, root cause analysis, and other details so you know exactly what happened and where to investigate. Whether in your inbox or your daily feed, Outlier stories allow you to exploit unexpected opportunities, solve problems, save time, and add to the bottom line.

Outlier tells many analysis stories, all just for you

You can rely on Outlier to analyze multiple data sets daily, identifying and monitoring important relationships in your data. Outlier has more than 20 different story types, with more being added all the time.

Find what your dashboard will miss

Spike or Drop Analysis

Any metric can be tracked based on its increasing or decreasing movement. Outlier automatically monitors for sudden changes — a spike or a drop — in a metric and all of its related segments over days, weeks, and months, comparing values to their expected range. All this helps you monitor changes that may become new trends over time.

Know when a trend is happening the day it begins

Trend Analysis

Trends can reveal opportunities, but they can also signal risks. Trend stories identify patterns of change that occur over the course of multiple consecutive days as opposed to single, isolated incidents. Outlier automatically finds these upward or downward trends so that you can prioritize correcting an error or capitalizing on an opportunity.

Discover data relationships across your business

Relationship Analysis

Most business data is siloed in individual applications, making it daunting to view holistically, let alone find correlations across different data sets. These relationships showcase the hidden dynamics of your business. Outlier identifies relationships between all your connected data — new relationships, broken relationships and resumed relationships — so you can correct misalignments when needed.

Track changes in your key metrics, immediately

Benchmark Analysis

Tracking metrics is useful, but established benchmarks are crucial to measuring how you’re really doing. Outlier’s sophisticated trend detection modeling establishes benchmarks for every metric in your time series data — daily, weekly, and monthly. Benchmark stories, including both launch performance and standard benchmarks, give you early warning signs of recovery or unique challenges across your business.

You need to be able to trust your data before you can take action

Data Quality Analysis

Not all data is perfect. If you don’t know you have a data quality problem then you can’t fix your data quality problem. Outlier automatically identifies data quality stories — missing records, missing values and data volume — so you can quickly resolve data quality issues and trust the accuracy of your next data-driven decision.

Outlier delivers the full picture

Outlier’s nearly two dozen story types ensure there is a story type for nearly any insight you’d ever need. Whether your data is highlighting a change to your benchmark or alerting you to a new relationship between different data sets, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a full list of the Outlier story types:

  • Benchmark
  • Broken Relationship
  • Cluster
  • Data Volume
  • Drop
  • Funnel
  • Launch Performance
  • Missing Records
  • Missing Values
  • New Normal
  • New Relationship
  • New Segment
  • New Trend Down
  • New Trend Up
  • Rank
  • Record Low
  • Record High
  • Resumed Relationship
  • Spike
  • Time of Day
  • Unexpected