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New  Normal Story

New Normal stories alert you to a sudden, significant change that persists long enough that the Outlier adjusts to consider the new range the normal. In addition to notifying you of the change, Outlier provides the historical context of each preceding insight, as well as the percentage change from the previous range to the new range. New Normal stories provide you with all the information you need to decide if the new normal is an area of opportunity or risk.

Below are some examples of how functional teams use New Normal stories: 

  • Marketing teams site visits and search terms to determine new trends.
  • Finance teams track new normals fraud risks. 
  • Sales teams track new normals for product performance.

An eCommerce team can use New Normal stories to understand new customer behavior trends, as shown in this story.

Read more to see how you can immediately know when your customers behaviors are changing.


Trend story for waffle maker
A retailer has a New Normal story for the search term waffle maker.
New confirmed cases in Russia
New confirmed Coronavirus cases in Russia.

Why New Normal Stories Matter?

New Normal stories are important because they alert you to changes that are now the new expectation to a range of values. Outlier will help you to understand if this change is to be expected due to anticipated changes in business or if this is a potential area of vulnerability for your business. The sooner you are aware of a New Normal, the faster you can mitigate and shift the change to being an opportunity, instead of a risk.

A country confirms a New Normal with regards to an infectious disease.

Read more to see how this story indicates a new normal for Coronavirus cases in Russia.

Outlier’s Automated Business Analysis platform will help you to know when something unexpected is happening to your business.

Outlier provides the historical context for these changes so you can know exactly when and where the change occurred. Instead of spending hours researching each change in your data, you can understand what exactly is impacting your business and make data-driven decisions immediately.

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