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Overwhelmed by data from ad networks, tracking systems and analytics tools, it can be difficult to identify what questions should be asked of your data to discover your real opportunities for improvement.

Without any engineering overhead, Outlier connects your marketing campaign performance with user behaviors and business results, easily identifying clear signals of opportunities and problems.

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How does it work? Let’s review it step by step:

Outlier automatically analyzes all of my Google Analytics and Facebook Ads data and tells me when something unexpected happens. Thanks to Outlier we were able to adjust our email marketing campaigns, in real time, resulting in increased sales.
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Megan Petersen

01/ Integration: How do I get set up?

Integration Outlier with your business tools takes only minutes. We support a wide range of popular cloud tools ranging from Analytics to Advertising to Customer support. You can also integrate Outlier into any SQL database, which enables Outlier to find insights that span all of your business data. All of these integrations are as simple as clicking a few buttons.

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Outlier Integrations

The insights Outlier has found are critical to our business, helping us take action to solve problems and adjust to new opportunities. Outlier is a crucial part of our team’s workflow; we rely on it to automatically tell us when customer behavior changes.
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Aakrit Vaish

02/ Insights: How does Outlier deliver insights?

Outlier automatically generates insights from your data, which we call stories. Each story captures an unexpected change and gives you the context necessary to both understand and triage it. You can even drill down to try and find root causes from right inside a story.

There are dozens of types of stories Outlier can write for you about your business, ranging from simple anomalies to complex relationships between customer segments and metrics. All of these types of analysis are done automatically, there is no work required from you.

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03/ Workflow: How do I receive my insights everyday?

Each day, Outlier generates a handful of stories for you based on your interests. You can have these delivered into your email inbox, read them on your phone or on our website. Outlier’s system is intelligent enough to sift through the thousands of things happening in your business to ensure you see the most important insights but are not overwhelmed by too much information.

You can personalize your Outlier stories to better match your interests over time, and different users at your company can have different preferences for the stories they would like to read.

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04/ Going Deeper: What else can Outlier do?

Outlier can also be useful in root cause analysis and investigations, because the entire history of your data and insights are easily searchable. Outlier search reaches across all of your integrations, allowing to quickly zero in on specific customer segments or parts of your business regardless of where the data is stored.

You can also use Outlier to compute custom metrics and monitor conversion funnels that span your business tools, such as the rate of new purchases that result in customer support tickets.

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