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Funnel Story

Funnel stories alert you whenever any customer segments begin to act in unexpected new ways between any two steps in their defined funnel. These show when the volume, efficiency, or conversion rate has changed for your constructed funnel. Funnel stories can show how data moves down a funnel from ‘Unique Page Views’ to ‘Cart Additions’ to ‘Checkouts’ to ‘Total Purchases.’ 

Here are a few examples of how functional teams use Funnel stories:

  • Marketing teams use this story to track website engagement and conversion. 
  • Product teams track shopping cart conversion.

A Marketing team confirms a drop in digital ad serving efficiency, as shown in this story.

Read more to see how this funnel story alerted a drop in ad efficiency.

Outlier Detected a Funnel Efficiency Issue
Outlier Detected a Funnel Efficiency Issue

Why Funnel Stories Matter?

Funnel stories alert you to changes in conversion rates between different steps in a specific funnel process. They identify any changes related to volume, efficiency, or conversion rate. 

Your funnel is likely over several data sets. Funnel stories can tell you what the conversion is between any step in your process — wherever the data lives. Since Outlier analyzes data where it lives it doesn’t require a massive data lake or take days, weeks or months to set up the analysis.

Outlier’s Automated Business Analysis platform identifies unexpected changes in your business data. 

It’s semantic-free approach to data means you do not have to identify what changes you would like to know and instead you can focus your time and energy on what matters most to your business.

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