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Outlier rapidly alerts you to unexpected issues  and growth opportunities

Enable your data to direct you to the immediate actions that will keep your customers happy and your business ahead of the competition.

The future is here. Let us show you.

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Outlier Tracks Retail Product Checkouts

Outlier converts data into action. Discover new growth. Stay on top of it all.

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Outlier’s Automated Business Analysis platform helps you find these small (or big) changes quickly.

Easily monitor multiple data sources.

Identify unexpected changes in your business.

Know the actions you need to take.

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Outlier partners with many of today’s leading brands to help convert their data into a competitive advantage.


Large Department Store

Large Retailer Saves over $5m in Revenue & Weeks of Time

National Credit Card Issuer

Leading Credit Card Issuer Finds Systematic Fraud, Saving $900k

Cruise Line Company

Cruise Line Earns $250k in Bookings & Saves $50k in Ad Spend

Innovative Health Brand

Innovative Health Brand Increases Revenue with Outlier

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The Analytics Value Chain Shifts to Automated Business Analysis.



Automated Business Analysis is more than Business Intelligence.

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