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Retailer Uses Outlier to Detect Unexpected Product Interest

Jack Rogers, a designer footwear and accessories company, knows their customers’ general preferences and demand for certain product categories, but customer preferences are fluid and change.

Outlier detected an earlier-than-expected increase in interest in a specific product category, allowing Jack Rogers to take action in the moment, rather than rely on previous year’s selling trends.

At Jack Rogers, we have a small digital analytics team, but a lot of data that we need to look at. Outlier automatically analyzes all of my Google Analytics and Facebook Ads data and tells me when something unexpected happens.

We didn’t expect to see interest in this particular product category so early in the season, but thanks to Outlier we were able to adjust our email marketing campaigns, in real time, to take advantage of the interest, resulting in increased sales.
– Megan Petersen, Director of Ecommerce, Jack Rogers

Outlier automatically detects changes in demand

Though Jack Rogers predominately sells shoes and sandals in both women’s, men’s, and kid’s designs, they also sell accessories on their website. Plus, they advertise their products with both Google and Facebook, so there is lots of data for their team to analyze and understand. In just a few clicks, Jack Rogers integrated both of these data sources so Outlier can automatically analyze them and provide actionable insights.

Jack Rogers product shot
* Some data has been modified to preserve customer privacy

Unexpected increase in interest in product category

Due to the seasonal nature of Jack Rogers’ products, there are year-over-year patterns to when demand for certain products begin to increase. Unexpectedly, demand for one set of product categories started  to increase in February, much earlier than they had seen previously.

Before using Outlier, Jack Rogers would have eventually noticed this product interest increase, but likely too late to capture early customers. By using Outlier, Jack Rogers was able to react to the unexpected interest in the product category at the time it was happening. In response to the Outlier insight, Jack Rogers adjusted their planned email marketing campaign to focus on the product category in demand, resulting in a 30% sales increase for the company year-over-year.

Jack Rogers is a designer footwear and accessories company.

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