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Leading Life Science Company Empowers Field Sales Team with Automatic Customer Insights

Life Science companies employ large teams of field sales representatives to educate doctors, hospitals and pharmacies to build awareness of how they can help patients. This is a critical function to ensure awareness of specific drugs and their benefits. Particularly in an industry that is saturated with many different treatment options available.

Representatives are constantly competing with other life science companies for the attention and time of the doctors. Without an edge, it becomes difficult to get the time and attention necessary to make a case for a specific drug or treatment.

The leading life science company selected Outlier as their Automated Business Analysis platform to turn their data into a competitive advantage. Outlier analyzed over 280,000 metrics and dimensions quickly. As an Automated Business Analysis platform, Outlier discovers combinations (i.e. time-series) and over 8 billion data points.

“Outlier uncovers new trends and behaviors with how our hospitals and providers are prescribing drugs. This enables our field sales team to have more meaningful conversations with providers and hospitals and deepens the partnership between our groups.

This effort ultimately gets patients better care and on their way to recovery faster.”

Vice President of Commercial Analytic Strategy

A Leading Life Science Company

Outlier shows drug prescription trends by zip code
Outlier shows drug prescription trends by zip code

By deploying Outlier to their field team, their sales representatives know:

  • Whenever the drug prescription rates change for any of the doctors in their territories, indicating a problem with the relationship with that medical group that requires attention.
  • If issues arise in drug fulfillment that keep prescriptions from being filled, so the salesperson can help resolve the problem without waiting for complaints from the medical personnel.
  • Changes in the patient behavior that can be shared with the doctor to help enhance treatment programs and processes.

    Overall, the result is that Outlier enables the field sales team to become a trusted partner of the medical team’s treatment plan and stand out from the crowd of other sales teams vying for attention.

Quick Facts

  • 280,000
    Metrics and dimensions analyzed
  • 8
    Billion data points analyzed

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