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Large Retailer Saves over $5m in Revenue & Weeks of Time

One of America’s largest and most iconic retailers interacts with Consumers in every imaginable way. Websites, digital search, social, radio, flyers, email and affiliate marketing channels just to name a few. The retailer also manages thousands of constantly changing product SKUs. The result is a massive amount of data stored in a variety of platforms.

The Retailer’s path to Outlier started with the need to solve a straightforward, but extremely difficult problem. The marketing team was seeing these short-term events, data spike and drops, that not only conflicted with the long-term data patterns but often had a significant impact on their business. Because the Retailer has so much data, the time required to locate, analyze and act on these events was too slow to respond in a timely and meaningful way. This eventually led the team to search out Outlier.

After contacting Outlier the Retailer’s team used a specific event to evaluate the impact Outlier could have, which was a data tagging issue that prevented the team from tracking specific product page web views.

“We constantly see increases and decreases in our Marketing metrics and analytics data. Prior to Outlier, these changes were seemingly unexplainable.

Now we not only understand the many causes, but the answers provided by Outlier allow us to proactively solve the problems faster and share these solutions across our marketing, product, engineering and merchandising teams.”

Director, Marketing and Business Analytics

Large Department Store

Outlier identifies data tagging issue that prevented the team from tracking specific product page web views
Outlier identifies data tagging issue that prevented  the tracking of specific product page web views

While the team could see the issue, the inability to trace the exact source of the problem created a time intensive investigation. As a result, the Retailer had to assemble a task force of marketing, product, engineering and merchandising analysts. It took the task force six weeks to solve the underlying issue related to issues on a few mobile platforms. In the trial, Outlier’s automated business analysis identified the cause almost immediately.

Given the immediate positive impact, now all of the Retailer’s marketing, product, engineering and merchandising teams use Outlier. In weeks, Outlier identified several critical events, and their root causes, enabled the Retailer to take meaningful actions. Some of these events included:

  • A ‘friends and family’ sales event where the data prompted increased Facebook advertising that produced $5m in incremental sales.
  • An affiliate partner that was over performing with regards to flash sales leading it to invest more with the partner for the next sales event.
  • A bot attack that was distorting its e-commerce performance. The Retailer was able to blunt the attack and take back visibility into their business.

In each of the above examples, not only did Outlier save valuable time, but also enabled the Retailer’s team to turn observable problems into actionable opportunities! Now, the teams use Outlier to research issues and to confirm impact, since it is much faster and easier than Adobe Analytics.

Quick Facts

  • $5m
    Incremental Sales Revenue

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