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Innovative Health Brand Increases Revenue with Outlier

For over 40 years, this innovative health brand has pursued advances in well-being to offer a full range of quality vitamins and nutritional supplements and blood-testing services. Helping customers choose the right products for their optimal health, nutrition, and personal care; the retailer manages an ever-increasing amount of website traffic.

One of the most important metrics of the overall health of a website is its Bounce Rate. Put simply; it measures the number of visitors who land on a website and choose to leave without visiting another page. A higher Bounce Rate is certainly a cause for alarm, but identifying the problem quickly and addressing it can help retain customers and improve the likelihood they stay and complete an order. The result is less revenue lost due to customers bouncing.

Connected to Outlier’s automated business analysis platform, the retailer was able to quickly get insight into their Google Analytics, Google Ads, and a SQL-based transactions database. Outlier’s automated analysis of these data sources created immediate alerts to the customer; one such alert showed them the sudden increase in Bounce Rate. The Director of Marketing was alerted to what Outlier found and noted that she was unaware of the issue and was impressed by the power of Outlier to quickly get actionable insights. She got her team to look at it right away and highlighted how much time this would save her and her team.

High bounce rate trend for campaign

With a Finger on the Pulse

Before Outlier, the team was able to tell that the issue persisted for six days unnoticed, resulting in thousands of dollars of lost revenue.  After using Outlier, the team spotted this insight the day after it happened and addressed it right away, stemming major losses. Thanks to insight from Outlier, they also managed to spend much less time combing through Google Analytics, Google Ads, and a SQL database, knowing where to look first and what to look at. Collectively, the team dug into Outlier and shared thoughts with their senior leadership as to why this may be happening. This single insight was enough to show the team the value of having Outlier as a tool they have in their pocket every day, to get ahead of issues like this and many others.

New Higher Normal for Bounce Rate
New Higher Normal for Bounce Rate

Financially Fit

All in all, the ROI added up to a significant annualized benefit. Upon investigation, the team estimated that over 600 orders per day could have been lost from this bounce rate issue. When the potentially lost orders were multiplied by the average order value, the losses quickly added up to over $25,000 per day. Put differently, over $400K in revenue was immediately saved by identifying and eliminating this error and the brand annualized over $2 million in savings through identifying this issue. 

In addition, the marketing team gained hundreds of hours of productivity back, which would have normally been lost and unrecoverable. Outlier’s automated business analysis platform afforded the company to benefit from a value-driven application of artificial intelligence. As Outlier’s platform learns more from each insight, it is amassing a better understanding of the business and data, leading to more improvements in efficiency and thus a higher bottom line.

“I did not know this was happening. Outlier is great. This will save me so much time in the future.”

Director of Marketing


Quick Facts

  • $400k
    Immediate Saved Sales Revenue
  • $2m
    Incremental Saved Sales Revenue

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