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Outlier detects fraud through unexpected patterns in user behavior

One of Outlier’s customers is India’s leading conversational commerce platform, which leverages a combination of human understanding with artificial intelligence, allowing their users to quickly outsource tasks like, setting reminders, booking a taxi, or planning your travel arrangements. Given their large, diverse user-base and the volume and diversity of requests they receives, it is imperative to know when user behavior changes. In just a few clicks, this customer integrated their MySQL data into Outlier to analyze the actions their customers take.

“With so many users, and so many actions, it is impossible for us to track each one individually. The insights Outlier has found are critical to our business, helping us take action to solve problems and adjust to new opportunities. Outlier is a crucial part of our team’s workflow; we rely on it to automatically tell us when customer behavior changes.”


Outlier automatically detects fraudulent activity

Haptik transactions chart

When there is money involved, nefarious users will look for opportunities to beat the system. By reporting an anomalous low in one of their metrics, Outlier detected fraudulent activity and helped this customer figure out where users have the incentive to manipulate the system. This customer quickly took action to shore- up their product thanks to Outlier’s help.

Outlier also detected changes in the relationships between key metrics

You expect some metrics to move the same way all the time. And if they don’t, you’d want to know. With no prior setup, Outlier automatically detected a change in previously related customer segments. This customer used this information to research the change in user behavior to improve their product.

“Outlier has detected a number of changes in our users’ behavior, ranging from fraud, to bouncing users, to differences between recurring and one-time transactions. Outlier makes my team’s job easier by telling us where to spend my time analyzing our data each day.”

– Business Intelligence Team Lead

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