Outlier is automated data insights for your entire business.
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Outlier is automated data insights for your entire business.
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Outlier is automated data insights for your entire business.
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Outlier is automated data insights for your entire business.
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Celebrity Cruises Earns $250K in Bookings & Saves $50K in Ad Spend

Celebrity Cruises leverages the Outlier product to discover unexpected changes in both their marketing and bookings data. In their marketing data, Outlier analyzes everything from attribution data to loyalty data.

Celebrity Cruises has several types of ads running at one time to advertise for travel destinations, including social ads, print, digital, and radio. Tracking the success of each ad type across each buyer segment creates hundreds of thousands of computations to calculate. Their business intelligence (BI) and marketing teams rely on Outlier’s Automated Business Analysis platform to crunch these numbers for them, so they can spend time focusing on their response efforts.

We’re a go-to resource for the truth across the organization. We need to have a nice mix of the good, bad, and ugly. This is where Outlier has been really helpful–to focus our efforts and ensure we aren’t panicking about nothing.

Outlier helps us identify what we weren’t expecting and it saves us hours of time every day.

Associate Vice President, Business Intelligence 
Celebrity Cruises

High bounce rate relates to bait and click ads

Unexpected Radio Ads Contribute to Bookings

Soon after the marketing team launched a radio advertising program to Floridians regarding their Caribbean cruise destinations, Outlier quickly captured that these radio ads contributed to a 4% increase in bookings above the expected rate across 7% of unique visitors to the Cruise Line’s website, which accounted for $250K in incremental bookings.

Understanding these changes without Outlier would have taken the team roughly 4 hours given all campaign results that needed to be analyzed. By delivering top insights, Outlier saves their BI team days of analysis each week, allowing the team to focus on other data analysis projects.

Outlier Stomps Out Bait and Click Ad Sites

Additionally, the Cruise Line with Outlier has been able to find bait and click advertising sites where they were paying per click and weren’t seeing any conversion, but saw a high number of bounces. Through their media agency, the Cruise Line was able to pinpoint the sites and stop their ads from being served. This insight from Outlier was able to save the company over $50K.

Outlier also proactively identified marketing strategy changes with their promotional partners. Understanding these changes overnight gave the Cruise Line insight to shift promotional spend to these partners that saved the company hundreds of thousands of dollars in what would have been lost revenue.