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Delivering on the Product Promise

Consumer companies have a lot of data. The industry is going through a material shift driven by a consumer-centric focus, digital engagement, and changing consumer wants and needs.

Whether implementing an omnichannel go to market, creating product innovation, or maximizing the effectiveness of demand creation activities, the winning consumer products companies generally have one thing in common, they relentlessly focus on maximizing data and insights.

An opportunity to create a competitive advantage exists for brands ready to address this challenge:

  • Almost 70% of consumer companies indicate that they have started to transition their organization to be a data-driven culture.*
  • But only 27% of consumer companies indicate that this transition has been successful.*
  • Companies that enable their organizations to leverage data seamlessly to make decisions will drive growth through competitive advantage.

What if Brands could easily and automatically:

  • Uncover key trends early that can impact product innovation and go-to-market effectiveness.
  • Maximize consumer marketing investment with a robust understanding and actionable insights throughout the customer journey.
  • Integrate data and insights into their procurement and production processes.
  • Develop a complete understanding of business drivers by uncovering data relationships that are material to their results.

“We use Outlier to help us track category adoption across our 100s of products. Outlier highlights the most important changes so that we can focus our marketing efforts quickly and precisely.”

Category Manager
Fortune 50 Global Brand 

Outlier helps solve this problem with Automated Business Analysis

Outlier’s automated business analysis platform applies advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning to your data to provide you insights and lets you know when unexpected changes or relationships happen so you know where to focus your energy, daily:

  1. Plugs into your data where it lives and analyzes data automatically.
  2. Provides daily headlines so you don’t miss anything.
  3. Delivers a quick time to value across functions.

Automated Business Analysis works for Brands:

  • Outlier identifies bot traffic automatically, helping marketing and analytics teams quickly understand the root causes of unexpected traffic spikes for a Fortune 500 Brand.
  • Outlier finds trends in consumer behavior for a Global Footwear Manufacturer. For example, how do customers use your mobile app to “window shop” but use your website to checkout? These kinds of consumer trends help inform your product teams.
  • Outlier uncovered an insight for the online marketplace, Lyst, which led them to discover an over 60% decrease in partner inventory before it impacted sales.
* Newvantage Venture Partners, Big Data Executive Survey


Outlier Finds Bot Traffic
Outlier Finds Bot Traffic

This Fortune 500 Consumer Brand identified bot traffic with Outlier when they were alerted that the Unique Visitors increased drastically for three weeks in the Greater China (GC) region. Outlier helps them identify trends in their consumer-facing applications.

The Total Economic Impact™ Study of Outlier AI by Forrester Consulting

Cost Savings and Business Benefits Enabled by Outlier AI

Your data analyst investment can reap many benefits across your entire organization. The recently published Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact™  (TEI) study, commissioned by Outlier, found that Outlier’s automated business analysis platform delivered 200% ROI over three years and a payback period of merely three months to a large global consumer brand.

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