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Outlier is a different kind of company

We believe that success in life and success in business are not separate things, but intertwined as part of our lives. It is important to us that the journey we take with our company is as positive as the destination we hope to reach.

We aspire to the following company values in everything we do

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We aspire to the highest standards. It is not enough that our customers pay us for our services, we want them to love our products. It is not enough that our employees collect a paycheck, we want them to love their jobs. It is not enough for us to compete in the market, we want to win.

Working at Outlier has been an amazing opportunity to flex and grow in ways that I could not have imagined before I started. It’s extremely exciting to be working on a product that is increasingly becoming an essential part of doing business across all industries. At Outlier, I’ve been able to learn and grow from our team and customers since day one.

— Dionne P., Customer Success Manager

Outlier team member giving a presentation


We want every member of the Outlier team to be empowered to express their creativity, pursue new ideas and shape the company into something that makes us all proud.

The leadership at Outlier has created a company culture in which we are all comfortable asking questions and asking for help if we need it. We’re empowered to work thoughtfully and creatively as both individuals and as a team so together we’re confident in the decisions we make, which directly impacts the company’s on-going success.

— Megan P., Senior Marketing Manager

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Diversity & Inclusiveness

We welcome people of every personality, background and life experience because diversity makes us a better team. To achieve this, we realize we will need to work harder than others to find, recruit and include a diverse group of people.

At Outlier, we believe that a diverse and inclusive workplace leads to a happier team, a better product, and a richer customer experience.

— Lee L., VP of Global People Operations

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We are fully transparent to our employees and investors. Everyone on the Outlier team should understand and know as much about the business as they want to know. There are no secrets.

Outlier really walks the talk about its transparent culture. I feel actively encouraged to ask questions and learn more about the company’s strategic direction. The whole team is bought into Outlier’s vision because we have frank and honest conversations together.

— Dimiter M., Customer Success Manger

Team members volunteering

Work/Life Balance

We believe that productivity is not based on the numbers of hours worked, but the intelligence and thoughtfulness applied to the hours you do work. Exercise, sleep and fun are part of our jobs since without them we cannot perform at our best. We will not require a choice between our families and our jobs.

It’s a very exciting problem space and I think that’s super interesting. Outlier is also a very strong culture fit in terms of my own values and how they align with the founders and the rest of the company.

— Kevin A., Software Engineer

All the Outlier team members posing for a photo in front of a brick wall

I joined because it seems like there is a very transparent culture, a lot of ownership, and interesting work to do.

— Sarina S., Integration Engineer