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Explaining: Outlier AI’s Auto-Generated Data Stories

Read why you should trust artificial intelligence on medium.com

A CEO Explains Why Customer Loyalty Matters, and How to Achieve It

Read strategies, tips, and insight from Sean Byrnes into new innovations you need to achieve brand loyalty with your customers in USA Today.

Celebrity Cruises Uses AI to Adjust Marketing, Drive Sales

Read how Outlier’s  automated business analysis platform  sifts through advertising data points, showing what is working and what isn’t in  The Wall Street Journal.

AI Analyzes Billions of Data Points to Tell Cruise Line What Matters Most

Read how Celebrity Cruises uses Outlier to stay competitive and understand their customers in Hospitality Technology.

Innovating with Scott Amyx and Sean Byrnes Podcast

Listen to the podcast.

Outlier Delivers Platform Designed to Inform Managers of Data Driven Trend Changes

Read the article.

Using Data and Analytics to Hit Back at Organized Crime

Read the article  that was published in Convenience Store News.

Improving Customer Experience Using You Own Data

Here’s what  Sean Byrnes had to say on Nasdaq Live Trade Talks about Data Fatigue.

Data Privacy Challenges

Sean  speaks to Yahoo! Finance about  Data Privacy.

Sean Byrnes on the Importance of Consumer Privacy

Sean speaks  to  TD Ameritrade Network about  Consumer Privacy.