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Product Update: New Workflow Features

Today we announced a number of new features in Outlier that are designed around the way your teams already work, analyze, and share business data. Specifically the new features — already available to all customers — take you from insight to deeper analysis with one click. Let’s take a closer look at what’s new. 

Exporting Outlier insights 

Outlier story insights can be exported in a number of ways. With this release, you now can export them as: PDF, CSV, Image, and SQL. This is particularly useful for customers with SQL integrations; they now can export the SQL query behind any Outlier story to quickly explore the raw data in their native data source.  



Enhancing your current workflow

Outlier stories are great for highlighting changes in your data, but finding just where that insight came from within your data can take some time. That’s why we have added a custom URL link within each Outlier story that takes you directly to the specific filtered view of the data behind the insights in your raw data, CRM system, analytics dashboard, etc. A number of enterprise tools are supported, including Google Analytics, Qlik, Google Ads, Amazon Quicksight, Adobe Analytics and Looker.




Grouping Outlier stories: Introducing Collections

Some Outlier stories you just need to revisit and track more than others. You can search for those stories in your feed, but we knew there was a better way to stay organized. So we created Collections, which makes it simple for you to group, or pin, stories together. This gives you a single view to see historical developments over time and you can store, share, and track the stories that are most important. In each Collection you create you can add notes and commentary, upload images or links (such as raw data sources, ad campaign assets, heat map images, and more), and share the entire collection with other team members.




These new features collectively make recapturing past insights easier and provide a location for centralized insight knowledge to be recorded and shared across teams. Our goal is to continue to help you more quickly and precisely investigate the changes happening in your data, and to make data analysis a more cohesive part of how your business operates each day. 

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