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Outlier Announced as Winner of Four Prestigious Industry Awards

We have exciting news! Business Intelligence Group, Global Achievement Awards for AI, Retail Week Retail Congress and The Startup Weekly recently announced the winners of their annual awards that recognize leaders in the AI and Software industries. Outlier has been selected as an award winner by each of these prestigious organizations.

Business Intelligence Group: 2021 Artificial Intelligence Awards

The Artificial Intelligence Excellence Awards recognized Outlier in the pattern recognition category as a company that brings AI to life and is used to solve real problems. The Business Intelligence Group was founded with the mission of recognizing true talent and superior performance in the business world. Unlike other industry award programs, these programs are judged by business executives with the organization’s proprietary and unique scoring system, which selectively measures performance across multiple business domains and then rewards those companies whose achievements stand above those of their peers.

Awards.AI: Global Annual Achievement Awards for Artificial Intelligence 2020

Awards.AI recognized Outlier as the “Best use of AI in Retail” for the Global Annual Achievement Awards for Artificial Intelligence. Awards.AI believes that “AI will continue to empower humanity, providing assistance and support to make both our business and personal lives more efficient, less frustrating, and improving our health and prosperity”. The Global Achievement Awards for Artificial Intelligence is the first and biggest global annual achievement awards for artificial intelligence. The award focus is to support the AI community by recognizing the hard work and dedication of those working in the field.

Retail Week Retail Congress: Discovery Report 

Outlier has been named among the top 40 retail tech start-ups operating globally in Retail Week World Retail Congress’ (RWRC) second annual Discovery report, published May 4, 2021. Retail Week’s second annual Discovery report showcases the top 40 global tech start-ups accelerating retail innovation – enabling businesses to identify partners for future success. The report helps retailers:

  • Meet the top retail tech start-ups from across the world – spanning Europe and the US to the Middle East
  • Understand why retailers need to know where the next disruption is coming from – and how to capitalize on it
  • Learn how start-ups are helping retailers rebuild from the Covid crisis
  • Find out what leading retailers and brands have to say about working with start-ups

The Startup Weekly: 2021 Software Companies to Watch

The Startup Weekly selected Outlier as a 2021 Software Companies to Watch award winner. Each awardee was evaluated by a panel of judges comprised of investors, entrepreneurs, executives, and other thought leaders. Inclusion in the final awards list was based on several factors, including 2020 business achievements, contributions to thought leadership, product and/or service strength, and contributions to the business community at large. The Startup Weekly is a leading independent source of news, insights, interviews, and awards for business builders and is committed to establishing a community for those pursuing entrepreneurial excellence.

“It is outstanding that not one, but four organizations and their panel of judges recognize Outlier as a leader in the AI and Software fields,” stated Co-Founder and CEO of Outlier, Sean Byrnes. “By automatically bringing the most important data questions to the customers, our Automated Business Analysis platform has helped so many companies identify and reduce fraud, redeploy resources or take advantage of evolving customer preferences. We will continue to work hard to provide innovative solutions to maximize a customer’s data investment.”

Outlier’s  Automated Business Analysis platform automatically identifies unexpected changes or patterns across data so that marketing, data scientists, and analysts can make more informed decisions quickly. As an Automated Business Analysis platform, Outlier discovers hidden patterns and relationships that are impossible to find without artificial intelligence algorithms. Dozens of data integrations can be completed in minutes.