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Coronavirus Cases Over Expected Worldwide

Among our values at Outlier, most important are the people we have in our lives, as we are parents and contributing members of the public like you. In addition to taking actions in our local community during the Coronavirus pandemic, we realize that the Outlier platform can bring you daily insights to understand the impact of the epidemic.

In today’s stories, analyzed with automated business analysis, we are reporting more findings based upon data shared by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University (JHU).

Here’s what we found out recently:

Spike story for Indiana
Spike story for Indiana

The state of Indiana is seeing an increase in the number of confirmed cases. The state is a 52% increase over expected and accounts for 2% of cases in the US. Counties like Marion and Johnson are contributing to this increase.

Trend story for Philippines
Trend story for the Philippines

The Philippines saw an increase in the number of confirmed cases as well. The country is 105% higher than expected and accounts for 1% of the newly confirmed cases yesterday worldwide.

Trend story for Madagascar
Trend story for Madagascar

The small country of Madagascar is also trending up. Since June 21, they have been seeing more cases confirmed. The recent increase is 105% higher than expected. The lockdown has been reimposed.

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Stay safe and informed out there!