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Outlier’s Automated Insights and Integration with SAP HANA Add Context Around Critical Changes in Supply and Demand Changes

New ‘Story Types’ give organizations richer insights by identifying trends in customer behavior

OAKLAND, Calif. – June 25, 2020 – With its automated business analysis (ABA) platform, Outlier discovers unexpected changes and patterns in data. It presents the potential root cause of change automatically, guiding marketers toward the most relevant and critical campaign insights on a regular basis. For marketers, this means unexpected behavior tied to any campaign can be flagged quickly, reviewed and used to adjust programs accordingly.

As part of its automated business analysis platform, Outlier delivers daily Stories that provide customers with the top 4-5 questions they should be asking about their business. Outlier performs dozens of forms of analysis automatically to create these Stories, offering contextual information on behavioral data changes, related data and potential impact, as well as possible causality factors. Outlier recently launched the following new analysis types for the platform:

Time of Day

The Time of Day Story is ideal for organizations that need insights on critical changes as they occurred throughout a day, for example, which hours of the day saw a rapid increase in customer engagement. This form of analysis is immediately available to customers who spend a few minutes integrating Outlier into their data sources.

SAP HANA Integration

Communications and workflow are key in any organization, especially in the consumer space. Outlier has made resolving or taking advantage of trends easier with a new integration to SAP HANA, the leading in-memory database management system. For instance, Outlier helped a CPG brand identify operational efficiencies in two recent case studies.

Geospatial Analysis

Geographic location data is an important element of customer behavior and purchase decision-making. Outlier now provides critical analysis on geographic business activity by automatically analyzing latitude and longitude as part of larger datasets. Geospatial analysis can be enabled when integrating any new SQL data source that contains latitude and longitude GPS coordinates.

“Outlier customers have found our product to be transformational in how they understand and run their business and this partnership with our customers lead to requests for new updates regularly,” said Sean Byrnes, CEO, Outlier. “All of these new enhancements come directly from customer requests and build on our platform to help customers discover the unknown automatically, with minimal effort and no need for complex data analysis.”

Using an ABA platform companies can create stronger performing programs, adjust to customer and data behavior changes with more agility, and improve revenue generation.

Outlier, based in sunny Oakland, California, helps global consumer, financial services and various other organizations identify unexpected changes within their critical business data. The Outlier automated business analysis platform uncovers unexpected patterns and relationships using advanced AI and machine learning algorithms. Organizations can integrate Outlier with existing sources of data within minutes, allowing leaders to gather business insights quickly, identify potential opportunities and address the unexpected.