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Outlier Highlights Underlying Shifts in Coronavirus

One of our core values at Outlier is to value people above all else, as we are parents, children, and concerned citizens just like you. We have been taking actions to help our local community during the pandemic, but we realize that the Outlier platform can be used in novel ways to provide insight into the impacts and spread of the virus.

The Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University (JHU) is doing a great job keeping us informed by providing data on the outbreak to the world. We have been analyzing data in the Outlier automated business analysis platform to see what unexpected findings we could locate. We’ll release a few findings per week. 

Here’s what we found today about yesterday’s JHU data:

The number of new confirmed cases in South Africa, Taiwan and Liechtenstein all jumped significantly day over day and were higher than larger countries like Japan. The number of confirmed cases depends highly on the rate of testing in each country, so as testing increases the number of confirmed cases increases as well. For example, South Africa hadn’t reported any confirmed cases previously which is likely why they have so many confirmed cases at one time.

Confirmed cases in many countries, like Germany, have already reached higher levels and are accelerating:

As you can see in the Related Movements, there are very similar trends in Canada, the UK and France. It shows how so many countries are experiencing the same spread at the same time.

The impacts of testing are also seen on a city by city basis, where New York, NY had more newly confirmed cases than the United Kingdom:

Thankfully, there is also a rapid increase in the number of recovered cases in Italy:

We are not medical or public health professionals, so these insights are meant to be informational but NOT medical advice. You should rely on your local authorities for guidance on the status of your area and what measures you should take.

We will continue to share these insights here, and you can sign up to be notified of unexpected findings related to Coronavirus in a newsletter. This is not a marketing newsletter and your email will only be used to share these insights.